The Lentramise Co-Founders Share their Wedding Design Inspiration

Its officially wedding season and if you haven’t attended a wedding yet this summer, you might have one on the calendar. Or, you might just be the bride herself. If so – congrats! We have been there – through the thick of planning our nuptials, that is. Down to the fork and knife – we both planned weddings that required bringing everything into our venues. And I guess its no surprise – we are now in the business of event-related products and services.

Of course, our tables were something we gave some thought to. And if we are being honest about what’s important – we really think the tables are at the top of the list. Though some might overlook the “tablescape”, its not something that goes unnoticed. This is where guests will interact directly with your decor, and one of the places they will spend a significant amount of time during your event. We are not suggesting you spend twenty dollars per charger plate, but we are suggesting that you invest some time, energy, and a fraction of your budget here.

Now,take a look inside our own weddings, and how and why we chose our look and table settings . . .

Alison Girschick Egan, Co-Founder
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Venue: Drewmore Estate
Vibe: Classic Garden Soireé


A collection of photos from Alison’s wedding on June 14, 2014

How/why I chose my look & tablescape: “Before getting engaged, I’d never been the type to fantasize about my perfect wedding. So in the early stages of planning, I wasn’t really sure of the look and feel I wanted. I’m the kind of person who needs to land upon the perfect venue, and have the vision follow – and that is exactly what happened. Although we live close to my family in New York, we decided to have the wedding in Lancaster, where my husband grew up – as an homage to his childhood. After seeing many typical “barn wedding” venues that just didn’t wow me, we landed on Drumore – an old estate that used to be in my husband’s family, with the most perfect garden. Although most ceremonies here take place underneath a small built-in tent attached to the main house, I fell in love with the garden out back, and couldn’t shake the vision it created in my head upon first encounter. Guests would be seated between the rows of shrubbery, and the dance floor would lie at the center, facing the band. Choosing to have our entire wedding outdoors was a HUGE risk – especially because there was no “Plan B” – but well worth it. As for the decor, I wanted to let the setting speak for itself, so I kept my tables and flower arrangements minimal and neutral. I stuck with a simple palette of white and green, to play off of the abundantly green landscape. We selected white china, napkins and tablecloths, traditional silverware, and white and green floral arrangements, and filled the remainder of each table with votive candles of varying heights to keep the party going after the sun had set.”


 The setting at Drumore Estate

Allison Watters Vartolo, Co-Founder
Location: Cold Spring, New York
Venue: Glynwood Farm
Vibe: Chic Country Fête


A collection of photos from Allison’s wedding on August 29, 2015

How/why I chose my look & tablescape: “The look, or “vibe” of my wedding, was one thing I had nailed down in my head long before we even found our venue. I didn’t look at all types of venues – in fact, I only looked at a few that met a very specific set of criteria. To name a few . . . 1. there had to be on-site accommodations ( for us, our parents, and our bridal party)  2. there had to be adequate space for a tent 3. it had to make us feel like we had been transported to the English countryside. (Note: we are not English, nor had we ever visited there – but I have always thought it to be one of the prettiest places ever). Once we found the perfect spot (Glynwood), the venue guided us to a lot of the decisions we made in terms of decor. Though it did take a lot, a lot of effort – we wanted a sense of effortlessness in all elements of our weekend. The one exception to that rule might have been the table settings though – because when it came to those I wanted a little something extra. We chose off-white, gold rimmed chargers and plates, paired with a collection of uniquely shaped glasses – champagne flute, wine glass, and water glass. We opted for average silverware because we felt the more special options weren’t really worth the cost. Instead we used that money to have printed tablecloths and overlays hand-made. Our flowers were neutral hues mixed with greenery – with lots of varying heights and textures. Menus were hand painted and monogrammed – and included each guest’s name. We thought it was important that each guest had a seat at our wedding, that was uniquely their own.”


The setting at Glynwood Farm

We love a wedding! Tell us all about yours in the comments section below.

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