Two women on a mission – to change the way you set the table.

It wasn’t that long ago that Alison and Allison met while interning at Elle magazine. Upon graduating, each secured a position on staff there and both their friendship and work ethic grew in stride, together. As one moved on from publishing to venture into the world of Brand Management, the other stayed at Elle and took on an Editor role.  Over dinners, industry events, bachelorette weekends, and weddings, they often discussed the dream of starting a business together.

Fast forward seven years, and L’entramise is born.

At the forefront of their brand L’entramise, is the opportunity to offer customers a collection of beautiful, never-seen-before, exclusively designed in-house pieces, and meticulously curated tabletop products – all for the modern woman.

Enough About Us… Let’s Talk About You

Who is the modern woman? Well, the modern woman is busy. L’entramise believes that the modern woman is not defined by her workplace, family dynamic, or extracurriculars. Regardless, she is the woman dutifully navigating this fast-paced and ever-changing landscape. And because the modern woman is constantly over-extending herself and juggling a healthy life balance, we are here to help in a small way. Our single-use tableware will allow you to dress your table for dinner parties and events, without sacrificing its aesthetic integrity. Skip the dishes and finally enjoy hosting.