5 Rules To Follow For Fourth of July Picnicking

When Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday, an eye roll and bit of frustration tend to ensue. While many of us will still flee our everyday and make a long weekend of it – it still leaves us wondering what we will be doing come the evening of Independence Day itself. Well, we’ve done the thinking on this one, and are here to suggest your go-to activity after the weekend of bbq’s, clambakes, and beach time has drawn to a near close. A picnic – aka, a totally underrated American past time. After all, it requires little – your choice of casual food, drink, single-use tabletop products, a basket (or bag), a blanket, and friends and/or family.

This Fourth of July, if you plan accordingly – you might just find yourself gazing up at the fireworks as you sip your rosé and nibble on a baguette (yes please!). But, be sure to picnic the right way – while casual, calm, and collected, there are still some surefire rules to follow, to ensure your leisurely blanket time goes off without a hitch.

Five Rules To Follow . . .

    1. Think ahead. Picnics can be impromptu, sure, but when it comes to a killer setup – you’ll want to think ahead. Stopping at a deli for sandwiches and using paper plates might work, but you can do so much better than that. If you spend some time planning ahead, you will be so much happier with your picnicking experience.
  1. 2. Choose food and drink you love. There is no reason why having a picnic means that you have to skimp of the nosh and libations. After all, you will be spending a significant amount of your time leisurely eating and drinking – so make it good. You may want to pack some smaller picking items (appetizers), a main dish (entrée), and some snacks/dessert. If there is ever a time to splurge on calories and courses – it’s under the stars!

3. Purchase pretty tableware. Our opinions may be bias on this one, but good-looking tableware (single-use makes most sense for picnicking) will elevate your whole experience. Just because you’re sitting on the floor, doesn’t mean that you should be drinking your rosé out of a Solo cup. Keep it chic and (and Instagrammable) and buy elevated single-use tableware, such as pretty plastic wine glasses and colorful plates and bowls. You’ll be proud to display your dining gear, and will enjoy using products that feel close as it gets to real tableware. (Oh, and if picnicking in the evening – be sure to arrive before sunset to get a good photo of your efforts).

4. Pack it in a pretty basket or tote. Try your best to stay organized and pack everything you will need in a basket or tote (and maybe a cooler). Once you are set up, this will eliminate lots of excess clutter and mess.

5. Use a stylish blanket. Do yourself a favor and don’t pack an old sheet to sit on. There are so many attractive, affordable, and functional options out there to choose from – and realistically, anything less will take away from your overall aesthetic and mood. Look for a lightweight Turkish-style blanket that will serve as the perfect backdrop. They come in a large variety of colors and they are comfortable and easy to carry.


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